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.....wants to prepare people to be able to grow spiritually and serve others effectively in a humble pleasing way to God and that people receive a Christ-centered life which will help them go through the process of growing to who God expects them to be.  

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WHEN IT COMES TO THE BIBLE WE BELIEVE teaching the whole counsel God.  

 ... in the One true God that is found in the Holy Trinity.

... in the Virgin Birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.


... in the shed blood atonement of Jesus dying on the Cross for the forgiveness of sin. 

... in the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ and the resurrection of the saints. 

... in receiving the Lord's Supper as an act of remembering the Lord's death until he comes. 

... in that Salvation is from God by his grace through faith and not by works.

... in the holiness and sacredness of the scriptures as the Word of God.



We are dedicated ...

~ In teaching people through the Bible.

~ in teaching how  they can live for God and for others by being committed to the Lord Jesus Christ.



Fellowship / Christ-Centered

We believe in being in a positive environment, people that come 

together regularly to praise and worship God. We believe that participation in worshiping God glorifies Him and helps us grow in our Christian faith. We are here to seeks, honor and obey Jesus Christ, who is present in Spirit and speaks in Scripture. We believe we are one body, being members of one another, and the basis of our fellowship is in Christ through the power of the Spirit. (Romans 12:3, 1 Corinthians 12, Ephesians 2:13-22, 4:3-6)

Biblically Based

We believe and value the Bible as the Word of God and that the word of God is the foundation and core of everyone’s daily living. 


We believe in Glorifying God by Educating with Excellence, Not only in the church but into the real world experiences which prepares an individual for a lifetime of service in ministry, to become great leaders for God and help others in their lives and the community. That people become Ministry Motivated, People Focused and Excellence-Driven.


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 We believe in ONE GOD, self-existent in three Persons, revealed as the FATHER, SON, and THE HOLY SPIRIT


We believe in the BIBLE, God's infallible Word, fully inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT, the supreme authority for faith and practice.  


 We believe that JESUS CHRIST, who became man, was conceived of the HOLY SPIRIT and was born of a virgin. He lived a sinless life and died a substitutionary death as a complete sacrifice for the sins of all mankind. He arose bodily from the dead and ascended to the right hand of the GOD THE FATHER where He is now our interceding for us. It is impossible to come to the GOD THE FATHER by any other means than through the SON, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. (John 14) 


We believe that the HOLY SPIRIT is a Divine Person who reveals CHRIST, both in a ministry to the world by restraining evil and by convicting of sin, and in a ministry to the Church by indwelling, empowering, guiding, and teaching all Christians. 

We believe the BAPTISM of the HOLY SPIRIT is a necessary and vital experience for every believer. We believe the physical phenomenon of speaking with other tongues accompanies the baptism of the HOLY SPIRIT

                                                       (Acts 2:3, 10:44-48, 19:6)






23600 Emery Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44128, United States


Service Hours

 Our Communion  is every FIRST SUNDAY of the Month 


Sunday    (Children's Church).......   3:00 pm


Sunday   (Worship Service)........          3:30 pm